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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you'll find in my pipe shop the item you're looking for. I'm offering new pipe and used pipe (fully restored) from e.g. Ashton, Bari, Charatan, Davidoff, Dunhill, Loewe, Nording, Peterson, Savinelli, Stanwell, Vauen, Winslow etc. I also selling vintage Dunhill pipe tobacco and pipe smoking accessories. I'm a registered seller on ebay under the name of bruyerepipes. If you found something interesting there, please contact me here.


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All the products are in perfect condition. Each of them represent unique values and will be a real scoop for "experts".

All the estate pipes are restored professionally! The stem is sterilized through a special disinfection process. There are no tooth marks to be seen due to a careful filing and rasping method. Afterwards the stem became shiny through polishing. Each of them fits perfectly to the shank: not too tight, not too loose. The mortise of the shank and the draft holes are 100% clean, the previous cake is reduced and reamed from the tobacco chamber. The bowl is polished lustrously with a special palm-wax. Due to all the above mentioned processes the result is a pipe in "like new" condition with a fully sterilized stem.